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Los mineros son la parte más importante de cualquier red de Criptomonedas, y al igual que el trading, la minería es una inversión. Los mineros aportan su poder computacional para resolver complicados acertijos criptográficos, lo cual es necesario para confirmar una transacción y registrarla en un libro público distribuido llamado Blockchain, de la misma manera que un contador agrega una transacción en un libro de contaduría. . Después de encontrar una solución, el minero puede construir un bloque y agregarlo al Blockchain. Como incentivo, el minero recibe un número específico de Criptomonedas; por ejemplo, Bitcoins. Para el Bitcoin, la minería es la única manera válida de crear Bitcoins. . Prácticamente cualquiera puede ser minero. Satoshi, el creador de la primera Criptomoneda, ideó una regla dentro del mundo del Blockchain y el Bitcoin en el cual los mineros deben invertir su tiempo y trabajo para poder extraer Bitcoins de la red, es decir, minarlos. Para hacerlo, los mineros deben poder conectar cada nuevo bloque de Bitcoin que se crea con el bloque anterior por medio de una función criptográfica. Imagina la construcción de un edificio. El trabajo de los mineros es poner un ¨ladrillo¨ (o bloque) nuevo sobre un ¨ladrillo¨ existente. Es por esto que minar Bitcoin hoy en día se ha vuelto tan complicado y costoso. Entre más alto sea el edificio (o la cadena de bloques), más difícil es poder seguir colocando nuevos ladrillos (o ¨bloques¨). . Para ver el post completo, te invito a registrarte gratuitamente en www.ElBlogChain.com

Bitcoin is trying to recover from the 7500$ dip, the market cap dominance is close to 40%. If Bitcoin couldn’t recover from this level, 7300$ is a target. If 7300$ support is broken, 6300$ will be the bottom level. - Today 7800 & 7600$ support zones couldn’t hold. Current resistance is at 8000$, support is between 7400$ & 7500$. Join us on Telegram using the link i our bio. ⤴️ #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency #blockchain #altcoins #cryptomining #eth #btc #crypto #steemit #dashcoin #litecoin #coinbase #ripple #xrp #monero #hodl #bitcoins

The market is exciting again, Bitcoin support zone formed between 7400$ & 7500$, the resistance sits at 8000$. Next support is at 7300$, if broken we can see BTC below 7000$ to as low as 6300-6400$. Else, expect Bitcoin to try to recover above the 7.5K level. 🔥 - ⁠Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller says that crypto is an old idea in a new package, ⁠A former Obama aide and Democratic congressional candidate has been targeted by an anti-crypto political ad for accepting BTC donations to his campaign. ​​India considers taxing cryptocurrency transactions despite the central bank ban remaining in place, ​​Goldman Sachs-backed Circle’s new 7-coin investment feature targets crypto “newbies”. ​​Goldman Sachs-backed Circle’s new 7-coin investment feature targets crypto “newbies”, ​​A major Japanese fintech company has announced its plans to launch a crypto asset exchange this year. - Don’t miss joining us for FREE on Telegram using the link in our bio. ⤴️ #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency #blockchain #altcoins #cryptomining #eth #btc #crypto #steemit #dashcoin #litecoin #coinbase #ripple #xrp #monero #hodl #bitcoins


According to Toshi Times, Jose Dakak, the principal shareholder of Argentinian bank Banco Masventas, has stated that the bank will drop out from the global financial network SWIFT and begin utilizing the Bitcoin blockchain network to settle international payments. Can $Bitcoin Replace SWIFT? Through a strategic partnership with Bitex, a cryptocurrency payment service provider based in South America, Dakak explained that the bank will outsource the conversion process of bitcoin to fiat currencies to Bitex, which will then send bitcoin to the recipient. The end cost would be the bitcoin transaction fee that is sent to the miners that verify transactions on the #blockchain and the fee charged by Bitex. “The service allows you to reduce costs associated with international transfers as there are no international banks as intermediaries,” said Banco Masventas. Dakak noted that one of the initial actions the bank took to streamline the implementation process of bitcoin was to cooperate with the Bitex development team to ensure recipients of bitcoin payments can seamlessly receive #cryptocurrency transactions without boundaries. Dakak stated: “One of the actions was to contract Bitex as a strategic partner in the implementation of the Bitex platform for payments and collections operations for our clients abroad.” The SWIFT network, which is utilized by the world’s biggest banks and financial institutions, is essentially a messaging network that enables banks to share information. Sending a payment from one bank to another requires a message to be sent on the SWIFT network, which has to be verified manually. Sending international payments and remittance transactions on the SWIFT network can take at least five business days to three weeks, depending on the size of the payment. Because most international payments processed by banks are large, it often takes more than a week for the payment to be cleared. Bitcoin is not the most flexible blockchain network and it does not have the biggest capacity. But, it is the most robust blockchain protocol with the longest track record, equipped with one of the most active open-source development groups. #btc #ltc #eth #xrp