First of many posts to come; and a long story to go with them! 1/4 rescue horse my mom I and took on in December. Introducing Cosner: Roughly 2 year old, thoroughbred Colt. Picture 1: December 3, first day with a halter on, first week out of the kill pen. Picture 2: April 10, working in hand, picking up feet and walking on lunge line

The comeback is always greater than the setback💪🏼💓 . . Hey guys, I just thought I’d give an update on Fupay since you all haven’t heard about him in like a week. Fupay is just coming off an injury. Today he was walking great, so Sunday I’ll take him out and lunge him to see how he is moving. Earlier this week he strained a muscle in his groin. He was laying down sleeping, and when he got up one of his legs slipped causing the muscle to strain. So I cold hosed it 3-4 times a day for a few days. Then I treated it with liniment & DMSO, and it progressively got better each day. It has healed a lot faster than I originally anticipated. He’s been out to pasture all day and night. I did not stall him at all, otherwise the swelling would’ve increased. He only came in for his morning and nightly grain and hung out in the stalls for just a couple hours. (This is what they all usually do anyway) Then he went to the pasture with his buddies to stretch his legs. So I will update you all again on Sunday to see if he is all healed up! . Make sure to follow my sponsor @equinety_products who I believe was a major aspect of the quick healing time. He got 2 scoops a day to accelerate his recovery and healing. IT WORKED! It has been less than a week!! I love this product, and I will always use it!💙💙

This guy really is the comeback kid! Just when I think he may be due for retirement, I seem to find a system of treatment that is working phenomenally at keeping him sound! Pretty excited to take him out show jumping tomorrow, especially seeing as my young horse has decided to put a minor hole in his leg🙄 #Haza #horsesofinstagram #thoroughbred #showjumping #chestnut #comebackkid #notsoretired

@equestrian.drew has been working with an OTTB Jack at her trainers the last few weeks while Pan has been lame with a hoof injury. #thrushfarm #hunterjumper #horse #horselife #barn #barnlife #horselessons #equestrian #equestrianlife #ottb #thoroughbred

The best part of being miniature is that everything has to be custom made, including fly boots! 🐝

I had to say the hardest ‘see you later’ to my beautiful big boy today😭 My beautiful boy is going to have the best fun with Georgia Kelly out on the cross country field and love his new family! I had lots of cuddles and we shared some tears and I knew he was telling me that it’s okay and he’s going to love it. We’ve had some of the most amazing times together and I was always be so in love with this horse for giving me my confidence and love for showjumping back. I can’t wait to see them competing together in the close future. I’ll see you around cheeky monkey 💕💕

Someone is keen for a road trip, 4 weeks no work , you know where I am if I don’t come home 😂 #freshhorse #thoroughbred #toomuchenergytoburn

Had a pretty great hack today worked on framing and pacing a bit ;) lessoning with the QMS coach tmrw and I’m really excited even thought it will be my last lesson with her 😓 she’s taught me so much in the past two weeks and I’m really happy with her coaching. - - - Rode in my @kerritseq apparel go get some for ur self at kerrits. #equestrian #horse #horses #horseshow #horselesson #jumpinglesson #horsejumpinglesson #lesson #englishriding #edit #horsedit #equestrianedit #ottb #thoroughbred #exracehorse #horsejumping #horseriding #horserider #riding #horsebackriding #horseowner #horselover #pony #pony #horseaccount #beautiful #beautifulhorse

His forelock is finally starting to grow back, it’s going to be so long before it’s back to where it was, even the little bit that didn’t get shaved isn’t anywhere near where it used to be 😭 #ottb #thoroughbred #horse #horsesofinstagram #yourbertrando #offtrackthoroughbred #gianthorse #equestrian #dressage #bayhorse

Beautiful Bully today 😍 . Rode and jumped her today in a Pelham and eventually switched back to her old Waterford snaffle bit. She was stronger in it, but didn't fight me as bad. I'm still struggling to find the perfect bit for her but at least I know what bits to avoid. I'll have to work with her more on not rushing/taking off with me on jumping. Bully has been the hardest one out of mine to ride and work with even though she has a better build and athleticism for jumping (considering she is an OTTB). I'm hoping that one day we will get to the point where she doesn't fight me on jumping and isn't as hot as she is right now. #horse #equine #equus #equestrian #horsesofinstagram #showjumping #jumping #ottb #thoroughbred #thoroughbredproblems #bay #mare #161hh #waterfordsnaffle #shiresequestrian #shiresoptimus #shiresoptimuspuissance #kodakpixproaz401 #shesthetownbully