Selfie from a few weeks back...when my make up was on point and hair was flowing! 🙈😂 • • • • #redhead #redheadblueeyes #selfie

"I've got so much stuff to cry about, and so much stuff to holler about, and so much stuff to laugh about." - Bettye LaVette

10 M O N T H S! Time is flying.. I feel like we just took her nine month pictures. She is seriously the most easy going baby that likes to just move around and explore. She still only has 2 teeth but I’m sure more are coming soon! She loves watermelon and loves to say “dada”. Her face lights up whenever @tedhad walks in the room but makes sure that I am never to far from her. Her brothers are her favorite form of entertainment and loves to laugh at their silliness! We sure do just love this little lady! 💗 📷 : @raquelcaro

Anddd we are ready for our live shot from the TX GOP Convention. Random fact — they say red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combo in the world #nofilter #redheadsofinstagram #noedit #redheads #redheadblueeyes #tvnewslife #tvnews #reporterlife