Do you ever feel alone like your missing being a part of something 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️? . I’m so grateful to not feel that way anymore. Look, as humans we need emotional connections on multiple levels. People who get us, roll with us, our #rideordies . . Feeling alone, vulnerable, like an outsider. That’s real. I know. Believe me. I’ve been on that side of it many times in my life. . When I jumped into this online wellness business I did it to be healthier and stay accountable. I didn’t realized that I was being adopted into a support group of true friends. . People who: ❤️ love me for me 😃 encourage me 😎 want me to succeed 🤗 fill me with belief and passion 🙌🏾 pick me up when I fall . I can’t really explain what it’s like to be part of a tribe like this but I can say that it feels amazing. . If you’ve ever felt alone like that I’m sorry!! I really am. I would encourage you to comment 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ below or message us to learn more about our tribe to get healthy, help others, and surround yourself with amazing people.

Happy weekend everyone. And for all mommas, may your coffee or I should say wine be stronger than your toddler 😂 . . . Hope everyone is enjoying the heat as much as we are #summertime #friyay #weekendvibes #flashbackfriday

My dad: Brooke, are we taking this picture right? ✨ #parentsbelike #weddingselfies

Or until they in the ER with whiplash and shit 😒😒 #zoom #zoomchallenge #parents #parentsbelike #kids #kidsbelike

Date night with my man last night was a great time to reconnect. I love 💕 him so much. Rewind... that’s the caption I could put if I just wanted to show the highlight reel. Here is the real started out with some severe tension, lots of ugly words and negative, attacking tones and body language that would convey that we were sitting across from our worst enemy. You see, I had made some stupid choices earlier in the day as my husband was driving behind me to a meeting downtown, then later in the day my phone 📲 battery died, despite it being plugged into the car charger for hours while I drove my daughter’s friend across town and did some errands, and he couldn’t reach me. Someone was coming to our house 🏡 to pick up some suitcases they had brought back from the Ukraine 🇺🇦 and the man was knocking on my door while the kids were scared inside because they didn’t know who he was. No one could reach me and it was a mess. It was 107 degrees yesterday, and needless to say, I was super hot and annoyed and tired 😓 and had a pounding headache when I finally walked through the door and was able to plug in my phone to hear an upset message from #myman who had taken the other two kids somewhere quickly. As I unpacked the groceries and switched over the laundry, everyone piled through the door. Some heated words were said, and then Jeremy asked if I was ready to head out for our date. Hello…what?!?! We had mentioned going out sometime soon the night before, but in my mind we had not picked a day. In his mind, we had settled on tonight. As I muttered under my breath that I thought we were going to go out another day and that I wouldn’t have gone grocery shopping if I knew we were going out, he walked off and told me to lie down for a bit and cool off. Mind you it is 6:15pm at this point. So, I laid down on the couch for a few minutes to rest as the whole family decided to come into the living room to play some games. I think I closed my eyes for a few distracted minutes until I woke up to LL Cool J’s , “Mama Said Knock You Out.” …yeah, don’t ask!! When we finally got in the car and headed out, the events of the day came up again. See link in bio for rest...👆

Jah bami and trini massive sex tape has leaked and yes we have it .... things didnt get all that exciting in the 49 sec sex tape... His mind looked far as she asked "ya love meh" ________________________________ Follow @myob_ent for more news/entertainment

I can't get get enough of this kid....he ran up to this random pup on the spit, dropped down to his knees to love on him and let it lick his face🐶to say this kid likes animals is an understatement. {I'm actually almost sure he likes them better than people, lol} . . . . . #trimmerfamilytravels #roadtripcontinues #homerspit #homerak #alaskalife #momdotme, #mom_hub, #momblogger, #momlifeisthebestlife, #lifeofmom, #parentinglikewhoa, #uniteinmotherhood, #motherhoodunplugged, #motherhoodthroughinstagram, #parentsbelike, #travelwithkids, #familytravel, #iamatraveler, #familyjaunts, #jetsettingkids, #tmom, #lifeoffreedom, #discoverandescape, #mytinyatlas, #wheretofindme, #gosomeplaces

Just a boy bonding with his dog, or dog bonding with her boy. Whatever.

Laundry, tantrum, and hugs...if this isn't spot on... Regrann from @badparentingmoments - Costco, Wine, Costco...that sounds about right! 👌😂 . . . . . #badparentingmoments #weekendplans #horoscope #winetime #Costco #parentsbelike #weekendparenting #summertime #wineme #parentlife #lifewithkidsCrystal D. Hopper - #regrann

#living a #life of #service #indenturedservitude #parentsBeLike #thanksMom #chores I learned from you!! The JONAH works hard for no money 😂 he will appreciate this when he's older. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I haven't touched nary garbage nor dish. I may have to take him from da'muvah!!! #fullTime #parenting #funny #jokes let's not get #sensitive

How can I embarrass you when I'm killing it 😂😂. Where my dancers at? . . . .Follow @notsocooldad .follow @notsocooldad