Repost from @gatsbygoldenservicedog This is such a cute patch. I'd love to see it added to my training vest! - - - Tulukaruq (Central Yup'ik for Raven) is a 6 month old male Siberian Husky; he was born in Buckeye, Arizona. 🌵☀ - - - Tulukaruq is in training to be a Service Dog for his disabled handler, Xenora (@cemetery.sin). ♿ - - - Please feel free to DM for training questions or comments! We love to hear from our followers! Want to be pawtners? Let us know! 📬📨 - - - #servicedog #servicedogintraining #sd #sdit #assistancedog #medicalalertdog #lightmobilitydog #workingdog #psychiatricservicedog #ptsd #cptsd #generalizedanxietydisorder #anxiety #panicdisorder #vertigo #panicattacks #agoraphobia #disassociation #migraines #ibs #semicolonproject #spoontheory #spoonies #notalldisabilitiesarevisible #siberianhusky #husky #6months

Panic attacks take their toll on your mental health and your body. They are frightening and you can even feel that there is something seriously wrong and end up in the emergency room at your local hospital. Once you have been given the diagnosis of having experienced a panic attack you often live in fear of another. This fear in itself can trigger a panic attack and a vicious cycle begins. As Hypnotherapists we know how the mind works and have created a video for you that will stop you experiencing another panic attack. We recommend you listen to it everyday because your mental and physical health is important and worth taking care of. The simple fact is that once you start taking care of you, panic attacks no longer need to raise their heads because the truth is that by having a panic attack your mind and body are giving you an important message and that message is that you need to start taking care of yourself and listening to yourself. Hypnotherapy is a powerful and easy way of doing so, just take a deep breath and watch and listen to our video and you will be surprised by how well you sleep and how easy it is to take care of yourself as if it is happening all by itself, just like when you took your first steps. ‪Hypnosis for sleep for recurring panic attacks Pls RT via @YouTube #theenglishsisters #mentalhealth #nhs #sleep #panicattacks #MentalHealthAwareness #hypnotherapy #Rome #women #tv #youtube #insomnia #stressfreeinthreeminutes #stressrelief #Emergency #RedCross #therapy #fear #celebrities #celebrityclients #empowerment #mindset #mindfulness #womenentrepreneurs #contactus

“You’ve got brass balls for writing so honestly.” - Jen Morrison 🔥🔥 ————————————————————🥀 Link in bio to my music + poem zines “Bipolar Lovers in Love.” 🥀————————————————————— & GUESS WHAT!! I have a show coming up August 25 for @quincenight !!! More details in my Insta Story 💋💋💋

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So, the bad news is, bloods were so high on last test that it's straight to monitoring bloods 6x a day. The good news is I didn't have to do the pesky glucose test again and got lots of simple dietary advice. Plus the Dr was super lovely. My OBGYN is definitely not the norm... Trying to remember that I'm still learning about all of this and doing the best that I can. 💖

Got good news today from my psych! There’s a new antidepressant I can try which is great because we had literally run out of treatment options since both my psych and myself weren’t keen on using lithium and ECT hadn’t been very effective. Now I just have to do the daunting task of coming off Effexor (I’ve heard it’s very hard to withdraw from) but my psych said she’d use a compound pharmacy if my body doesn’t tolerate going down by 37.5 mg each time and could change the dose so I come off slower. We won’t be starting the withdrawal process for a few weeks because we’re waiting for my parents to return from overseas but I’m okay with that. For the time being I just have to keep focusing on using my DBT skills to cope and keep busy with the return of semester 2 Uni. #mentalhealth #recovery #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #treatmentresistentdepression #majordepressivedisorder #ect #recovery #depression #anxiety #panicdisorder #panicattacks #anxietyattacks #mentalhealth #livedexperience #majordepressivedisorder #goingalloutwithhashtags #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalillnessrecovery #dbt #dialecticalbehaviouraltherapy

Earlyish start in the hospital this morning... Time to see the specialist about my sugar levels 😕

Dear Baby Katie, someday the Adderall, Ritalin, Focalin, Staterra, and giant horsepill vitamin trials will be worth it. Someday, you will develop coping mechanisms and life skills. Someday, a new medicine called Intuniv will be introduced to the market and all of those bad reactions and side effects to drugs will have been worth it to find something that works for you. Someday, the doctors will treat your anxiety and depression with Lexapro and Ativan and the world will seem like a journey you can get through on a daily basis. Your mom, doctors, teachers, and specialists are doing all they can. Hang in there, kid. Sincerely, Adult Katie, who nailed her neurology appointment today. #neurologist #adhd #add #turnersyndrome #nonverballearningdisability #lexapro #depression #anxiety #intuniv #adderall #panicattacks #panicdisorder


This evening, I suffered through the worst panic attack I’ve ever experienced. My eyes are so swollen I can barely keep them open. It starts by feeling eerily jittering. By the time I made it home I was barely able to get to my medication before collapsing on my bed with intense shaking, muscle spasms and throwing up. I couldn’t breathe and felt like I couldn’t ever catch my breath. This is two hours after it started. The odd part about it is with my medications I’ve been doing really well and feeling a lot better the past few months. Sometimes things just catch up to you. Baxter was a trooper and stayed with me, licking me. He was scared to death. Panic attacks are no joke. #anxiety #panicattacks #mentalhealth

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