My tumblr for cgl has nearly 1,000 followers lmao

My last pacifier tonight. My first ever decoden one! I made a pastel pink whip Little Twin Star themed paci with a Kiki matching purse charm 💕 The set will also come with two pair of star earrings- one blue pair for kiki & one pink pair for lala.

A baby bear themed paci 💕 🌸 The colors are blue, lavender, and baby pink. I did a ombre effect with the pearls so you could see the transition in shades of pink, blue, and lavender. Swarovski ab crystals are adorned all over it as well! Will be listing this baby tonight too. *pls note all my pacifiers are one of a kind and will never be made exactly the same* 😊

A lavender bunny themed pacifier 😊 I spent a lot of time creating this & adding a very cute fluffy poofs chain to make it even more bunny-like! *see next photo for poofs* Bunny paci has super sparkly lavender wings, lots of swarovski crystals, and purple / pink pearls. Will be listed on my shop very shortly 💕