A variation of my last line work piece | Hex No. 2 | 06.22.18

Missing Maryland🌊💕🌊💕🌊💕

This is the type of look I give another woman as she takes the last new ABH palette off the shelf in Sephora?! Hahaha JK!! _ _ Hey loves! I hope you all had an amazing day! I tried my luck again at a reverse oval cut crease AND I am LOVING how it came out! If you look closely at the eye look you will see that the oval negative space at the end is lined with a black line to emphasize the shape. I think that is the trick to making this look stand out. I also placed shimmer in my inner half of my eye instead of a matte shadow to add some shimmer. _ _ Is there any look, style, or shade combination you would like for me to try? Let me know in the comments! _ _ _ #reversecutcrease #cutcreasemakeup #cutcrease #eyelook #makeuplook_ #makeupart #underratedmuas #mua #shimmercutcrease #shimmer #negativespace #mualife #makeuppage

A world in a flower.

End of day through dusk.

Simple French by Brandy