Painted with papa @ms.painting.hongkong a bu-us library for Tung Tak School in Kam Tin. They got donated this bus from #KMB and turned into library for the student :))) was a very fun project!! Thank you again for helping @ms.painting.hongkong love the big catttt . . . #MS #baoho #painting #bus #library #KMB #spray #streetart #tungtak #school #kamtin #molotow @molotow_hk

There were so many talented artist that I really enjoyed watching paint and talk to. Here are some of them u should look at their works @scek_one @lapizgraffiti @bumannillustration @bet.one_ds @gosp_ds . Among them some good friends @human.robo , @holmthetooth , @hoodxone from Hamburg that I was happy to see and see them paint again. Pic was take by @holmthetooth

For the Farbflut Festival I decided to paint a captains motive again. The story of this one is that when I travelled through asia last year I witness how much plastic there was in the ocean. It was so sad the I thought I have to paint something to adress the issue. And because the wall was next to the river I thought it would be good to paint it here. The name of the painting is "Plastic on the Plate"

Last weekend I took part at the incredible @farbflut festival in lemwerder. It was mindblowing. Especially all the people who organized and worked at this event were so amazing. The wall was 1 Kilometer long and the organizers went back and forth all day long to provide us with drinks, snacks, water, paints and whatever we needed. On carried all that stuff 3 days back and forth long on the bike for us. they were so obliging. Thanks a again to all for this unforgetable experience. big thx to @es_bleibt_kompliziert for this nice picture.