Look at how these carved letters in the tree have been covered over by moss. Looks quite something. Rydal Water, Lake District

Team work makes the dream work⚡️SCROLL to see clips from yesterdays' Atlassian Family & Friends Day 🎪harmoniously produced by @pearleventsaustin and @lollingsworth 🤹🏼‍♀️Thank you for including @eventvines in your vendor sourcing & management team 🌿 It's easy to see why everyone working at @atlassian_atx is SO HAPPY!! #afestival18 🎡 💕Vendor love: @rosemaryscatering @redvelvetevents @seaholmpowerllc @ladybfacepainting @circus.picnic @pearleventsaustin

We promised to post the step by step instructions on how to apply online, so here they are!!! #wearepilgrims #Russellville #weareproudofyou #career #job #nowhiring #applytoday #applyonline #lovewhereyouwork

@kylek530 strikes again during a product photo shoot. If there is a camera around you can count on a photo bomb by him. #lovewhereyouwork #happyplace #team #worklife #workday #photoshoot #photooftheday #follows #instadaily #instapew #georgiashootshere

Meet Estiben a delivery driver from our Pasco Lowes. #deliverydriver #hardworking #lowescareers #loweslife #lovewhereyouwork

Om två veckor så drar vi igång 4 veckorskurserna. Alltså en halv kurs vilket är perfekt för dig som vill smaka på vårt utbud utan att binda upp dig på en hel kurs! Efter dom 4 veckorna så erbjuder vi ett sommarkort som kommer att gälla mellan 2 Juli-26 Augusti. Det är en investering på 995kr o då har du möjlighet att köra alla klasser du vill, då det just gäller för alla 90 klasser som vi kommer att köra. Och för dig som väljer att gå 4 veckorskursen får 20% avdrag på sommarkortet. Hur bra låter inte detta?!? ✌🏽🍀😃 vi ser fram emot att få utmana dig! ☀️ Kram Mats & Rebecka!

The Royal Wedding calls for a Royal High Tea Celebration! The ladies of HOK Tampa and our friends @sescolighting dressed up and raised a teacup to celebrate the occasion! ☕️ #hoktampa #hightea #celebrate #royalwedding #lovewhereyouwork #lovewhoyouworkwith

Sea Otters are called that for a reason: they spend the vast majority of their time on the ocean. For some, that could be their entire life. As we pulled into a seal viewing spot yesterday, I noticed this not-so-Sea Otter, hauled out on the rocks. Studies in California suggest that Sea Otters that have exited the water do so because of starvation or injury. We checked for any obvious signs of distress from a distance, but it seemed okay - clumsy and not built for land, but okay. It continued to clean its fur and give an occasional glance around at its surroundings. It was interesting to see just how thick and loose their fur seemed. The Sea Otter was able to almost rotate the fur around itself in order to clean each section thoroughly. There's link to an article on Californian Sea Otters on my Facebook page for those wanting to know more. Check Mark Sawyer Photography on FB.

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A hint of sunshine & good vibes!! Save the date!! 6.10.18 ✌🏼🌈💜🦋🌼 12-5pm. Three weeks & counting!! 😜✌🏼🌈💜 #kidchellamontclair2018 #montclaircenter #lovemontclair #lovewhereyoulive #lovewhereyouwork #montclairnj

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Anyone else all 👍👍👍 for a brand new week! The Cisco Networking Academy team in #Mexico is! Want to join us? Apply = #LinkInBio 🙌 #WeAreCisco #Cisco #LoveWhereYouWork #📷

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