Date night. 🥢 #kbbq

Thor is 3! ❤️ Swipe ➡️ for more pics from Thor’s 3rd birthday party! 🎉🎂🎊 #pjmasksparty

Hello my sweet boy, You turn four in four days and I’m starting to feel real emotional about this. You are such a sweet, kind, hilarious, intelligent empathetic little boy and everyday I find something new and amazing that I love about you. You love me so well and give me all the love and grace even on days when I don’t deserve it. Every night when you go to sleep, I miss you and can’t wait to hear you say to me “Good morning mama, you’re so pretty”. Thank you for making me a mama and bearing with me as I learn this whole motherhood thing. #jvdubs

This is my right now picture. We took pictures for the start of our new program this week. . . This is real, raw, un filtered selfie. Because we are RIGHT beside our clients and coaches in this next round of 8 weeks (but really?? This is for life. Health is for life. Not a season, a reason, an occasion. This is our vessel for life). . . . . This body has gained 67 + lbs gloriously as I blessedly grew two healthy humans. This body also has released 134 lbs in the last 9 years. (And don’t you for a MINUTE tell me that weight doesn’t count - because I too once was the girl in the bathroom, with a tear rolling down my cheeks trying to get my jeans up past my thighs). . . . . This body is missing a rib, an appendix, and my left shoulder dislocated 27 times before surgery, leaving me thinking that I was unable to develop shoulder strength. This body was developed in utero by a really sick momma dealing with Cancer. 🙌🏻🙏🏻 . . This is my sustainable AND optimal living picture, because the inner strength matches FINALLY matches my outer strength. . Can we have some real talk??? . You cannot be a healthy person, let alone hope for a healthy relationship with yourself , if you sigh and moan every time you encounter your own image, eat a cookie or treat, or see an airbrushed supermodel on Instagram. . . I eat carbs!!! Healthy ones. And I LOVE them! I eat fat!!! I eat fruit!!! I eat Protein!! I have a great treat meal at least once a week!!! . . Ladies??? We need to re think aLOT of misconceptions. We need to be a lot more protective of our own damn thoughts and feelings. Pour some love on you. Walk around and think what it would FEEL like to love your body! to be a woman who likes her body. Remind yourself that your strong legs are not JUST an appendage but normal, flesh-covered limbs that help you get from place to place. And your tummy?? Grew the most amazing gift - LIFE. . . Because every step toward self-love you take, and every inch of confidence you give yourself???? You are also giving you, your children, other women and someone's else children, the AMMO to armour themselves in self love. . . And if you need some of that?? I can help you. Xo K

Welcoming baby Jonathan 💙

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L’amore fraterno è il più durevole; assomiglia a una pietra preziosa che resiste ai più duri metalli e il cui valore si accresce con gli anni. (Hector Carbonneau) #fratelli #fratellifelici #instamamme #mammaorgogliosa #mammeitaliane

Cari ragazzi, quest’auto (o per lo meno una identica a questa) è un po’ parte di voi: era la macchina del nonno Guido quando conobbe la nonna Maria; era l’auto sportiva di cui andava tanto fiero, al punto che, per guidarla, si era preso i guantini in pelle traforati, quelli con la cinghietta al polso e le punte moncate. È l’auto che si vede nelle foto 10x10 delle loro gite sul Piave, dove nonna indossava il costume due pezzi e le ciabatte di sughero, è quella che compare nel super8 del loro matrimonio, che si porta via gli sposi con i barattoli attaccati al paraurti posteriore. È il potente mezzo che li ha portati in viaggio di nozze in Liguria, per vedere la città del Festival e incontrare Marcello, grande amico che il nonno aveva conosciuto a militare e non aveva più rivisto. È la prima auto dove è salita la vostra mamma, la prima che ha fatto finta di guidare (con piglio da vero pilota a giudicare alle foto) 850 Sport, da leggersi rigorosamente “otto e cinquanta sport” 😁