Rise and Shine! In order to have a fully productive, super energetic, kick ass day, remember to give your body the fuel it needs. This means clean, natural food. . This morning started with lots of berries for hydration on this hot day☀️ I've been loving the fruit sugars lately🍓🍌🍑 . . . . . . . #fruit #eatclean #healthyliving #meditation #wakeup #mindfulness #growth #motivation #eatwell #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #nutrition #education #reading #schooloflife

HEALTH UPDATE: My referral to the M.E. clinic in bath has gone through and I’m waiting on an appointment now which could not be until next year. I’m getting tested for diabetes as it’s a major concern due to mum. I’m also at the point my hearts starting to struggle due to my extra weight I have to have an ECG at some point. I need to lose this weight to stay healthy, to make the pain I’m in less intense. I need to get the strain of extra weight off my body. I’ve also been told today I’ve had glandular fever in the last 2 months so this could also be a factor to my chronic fatigue and pain. All in all I just need to take each day as it comes. There’s special adjustments being made in college for me also. 😄 . . #weightloss #weightlossjourney #sw #swmafia #swinsta #swfamily #swfamilyuk #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldfamily #food #foodporn #foodblogger #healthyfood #healthyliving #slimmingworld

To some they are known as tostones and to others as patacones- either way I love them just the same 😍 . . . •Tower of Tostones• . . . Lima bean purée with smashed fried plantains between layers of mushroom ground "meat" topped with a roasted corn, tomato, cilantro and julienned zucchini salsa. . . . Lima Beans: . . . Lima Beans, carrot, small leek, garlic, small hot pepper, water and salt to taste. In order to make the spread simply blend adding a drizzle of olive oil. . . . Mushroom ground "meat": . . . Mushrooms, walnuts, tomato, red onion, garlic, soy sauce, turmeric, cumin, and paprika. . . . • Torre de Tostones • . . . Puré de habas con una torre de tostones y "carne" molida de hongos. Acompañado de un ensalada de maíz, tomate y calabacín en julianas. . . . Habas: . . . Habas, zanahoria, ajo porro pequeño, ajo, picante pequeño, agua y sal al gusto. Para hacer la crema simplemente licuar añadiendo un poco de aceite de oliva. . . . "Carne" . . . Champiñones, nueces, tomate, cebolla morada, ajo, salsa soya, cúrcuma, comino y paprika. • • #vegetarian #vegetarianfood #homecooking #newrecipes #backtothejungle #junglelife #costarica #puravida #foodie #healthyliving #eattherainbow #healthycooking #fusion #healthyfood #veggies #heresmyfood #pavones #puntaarenas #tostones #patacones #junglecooking

DIY - sourkraut. We are sauerkraut maker virgins doing this for the very first time. 😆 The cabage is sheared and knead with salt. It is massaged into a glass jar and we added a smaller jar with rocks on top for weight. Next days the liquid should rise and fermentation take place. Let's see how it turns out! Sauerkraut is super good for your guts. A probiotic mega boost 💥🚀🌱 . . . #healthyeating #cooking #healthyfood #healthyliving #yum #wellness #loveyourself #yogainspiration #yogaretreats #yogaholidays #costarica #livingforestcr #lovelife #junglelife #organic #green #highvibration

My night time snack was low fat Greek style salted caramel yoghurt and a Cadbury peanut brunch bar🥣 #slimming #weightlossjourney #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeating #cleaneating #healthyliving #snack #lowfat #charlottesslimming

Con mi brother Jimmy @losagavesatpike . Jimmy a perdido ya 20 libras y vamos por mas!!! después de nuestro ejercicio un batido de recuperacion con 24 gramos de Whey Protein ,Caseina , BCAAs y Hierro !! Ademas de L glutamina y Tricore Blend de Aminoacidos!! Hoy Toco Biceps Y triceps!! #HealthyLatinos #HealthyPeople #healthyLiving #seattlefit #seattlefitness #losagavesatpikeplace

Highly recommend if your having trouble sleeping or staying asleep even with melatonin. I’ve been on this for two weeks and not only am I sleeping like a baby through the night, I’m able to nap during the day. My mood & under eye bags are gone. I feel great now that My sleep pattern is back on track. Sleep is so important and the naps during the day are luxurious..hmm feels great! I don’t even need it for naps anymore. Try it you’ll thank me! On a side note, since being on IF and Keto I’ve felt tired like when I come home from the gym so naps come in perfect 👌🏼 #cbd #sleep #healthyliving

Happy Tips on Tuesday!! Today I’m showing you how we make our before school//after school wellness roller bottle! Check out the full video on Facebook or YouTube! #backtoschoolmusthaves #theoilsmarkettipsontuesday

Only 36 hours until sweet, sweet freedom!! I have a LOT of work to put in between now and then but it isn’t long now!! Felt so much more positive in the afternoon/early evening and have actually been able to put some work in. Thank you so much for all the kind and encouraging comments/messages - you’re so right, I am not defined by how well I do in this exam tomorrow, no matter what my brain tells me. Even if I do fail, as long as I pass my compulsory courses and have 80 credits (which I hope I have/will!) I get into second year. I’m never going to do Russian again so it won’t impact the rest of my life! ~ It’s crazy how much uni/school can affect my mh but I’m slowly learning to manage (and not leave things until the last minute (still working on that one)!!) I was super stressed because this exam is worth 40 credits - which is a LOT, and if I don’t pass the exam, I get 0.🙃 Whatever happens tomorrow, I have to keep going and motivating myself because otherwise my exam on Thursday, which is the one I am most confident about will be a disaster, and I’ll spend my whole holiday in Italy worrying about it all. Even though I’m riddled with anxiety, I’m really trying to push through it. Here’s to giving everything my all, even if I know my chances of passing are slim 💪😂❤️

I’m back ☺️ after an extremely fun weekend at Shambhala my heart is soooo full ❤️ I always come back from Shambs with the fullest heart and I regain my faith in humanity a little bit lol. Now I’m off to the UK for 3 weeks! I got back last night... flying to London in a couple hours 😬 I’m all about those whirlwind trips. • Protein pasta @eatbanza with walnut pesto. Super quick easy and creamy, taking this to eat at the airport! ❤️

These water bottles were BUY ONE, GET ONE at bed bath & beyond and they have been PERFECT for my crazy summer schedule. I am in and out of my car and they keep my water cold despite the ridiculous heat and humidity. @chalenejohnson always talks about her habit of filling up 4 bottles every day to make sure she drinks enough h20. I now have 3 of these 🙈 and I can totally understand how it helps!! If you’re not drinking enough water, consider investing in a few bottles that you can fill up and take with you each day. 💦 . . . . #chugalug #stopdropandchug #wwgirl #chalenejohnson #hydrateyourself #selflove #progressnotperfection #nsv #bedbathandbeyond #healthyliving #healthtips #whole30 #couchto5k #fitnessjourney #fitbit #fitteachers #schoolslp #manna #summergoals #goals #summerbreak #summerjob


Protein Oatmeal! This is one of our favorite winter breakfast! -1 sachet of original quick oats -1 cup of Organic unsweetened Almond Milk -1 scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder -1 tbsp of peanut butter -1 banana -Cinnamon to taste Prepare the oats as instructed, then add the whey protein. Top it up with the Banana, Peanut Butter and Cinnamon! I personally like the oats really runny so I add more milk until I get the consistency I like! #healthyeating #healthyliving