We thought we were the chosen ones, who were supposed to fly. Still waiting to get hurt, time after time. The sweet hello, the sad goodbye. #fastsketch #roxette

It's always been only her. I never could do anything, it isn't something I can control. I've never been able to do it. Even if I tried again and again. We talk about everything, for hours, I can say pretty much since always. About school, about hobbies, about bullshits, about love stories... We tell each other everything, we know all sort of things about our past. We never hide anything from the other one. Except this. My biggest secret, my strongest weakness... I've got many years at disposition to improve my lying skill with her, to refine my way of behaving "normally". Even when she told me about her first boyfriend... and I saw her look down, slightly flustered while she was sweetly smiling for somebody else. Even when she changes her clothes in front of me. She would have no reason to not doing that, I also do it. We are like sisters after all... although I suppose this makes me a little bit incestuous. She doesn't need to know how I feel everytime she smiles, or how the smell of her skin affect me. She doesn't need to know that everytime she talks all other sounds dissapear, or how her freckles are like the stars in the sky by my eyes. It would ruin everything. She doesn't need to know, that in my heart, It's always been only her.

Наброски в транспорте. Хочется пойти дальше и делать с натуры не людей, но персонажей #sketch #art #pencilsketch #fastsketch #sketching #portrait #character #pencildrawing #drawing #painting #pencil