🐕 got a grooming today. Now he can gan pick up all the bitches (pun intended). #doglife #dog #doggrooming

I NEED YOUR HELP My friends You know all of this that I’ve gone through in my life I’ve decided and learned that my purpose is to help others see the beauty inside them, to feel comfortable enough to become who they truly want to be and to go out there and get their dreams. I’ve been blessed many, many times to achieve and get my dreams with the help of people. Now I feel like I am the wish grantor, I am the fairy godmothe/ father or whatever you wanna call me. About a couple years ago I went into my local Rite Aid and saw this wonderful woman who cared so much for me. I befriended her like I do most people, her name is Carrie. Carrie lives across the street from me I learned , she also has this amazing dog, Kayla , a lot of people know that I’m not a big dog person however Carrie’s dog I don’t see much like a dog. Kayla is reminds me of the 1990 film BINGO, who saves the day a lot of the time for Carrie. Carries has been battling her own health issues along with poor Kayla who has been getting infections left and right and no vet knows why. Carrie lives alone with and has been going through so much and we talked that the only thing that makes her day and her life feel the greatest is Kayla. Kayla provides comfort from the outside world, a companion, a child and soulmate for her. , I know that some people‘s dreams could be to win $1 million but I know deep down It’s all about Kayla, Kayla is her everything. So another person started a GOFUNDME to help Carrie with Kayla. So I’m asking any of you that couldn’t even get $.50 to the fund to help Kayla get her medical procedure click on the link below. I may have not been blessed with riches or the looks to generate money but I do have the most powerful gift of all a very loud VOICE, MOUTH and ability to be PERSISTENCE enough to help other people. So my goal number one is to help Carrie get the money for Kayla to see what’s wrong with this beautiful creature. Thank you so much for even listening and reading this now you know that you have enough potential also get your dreams. #dog #gofundme #help #surgery #pet #mutt #losangeles #dogs #puppy #doglovers #collie #cockerspaniel #universe #fundraiser

سه دوست وفادار وجود دارد . همسر پیر ، سگ پیر ، پول آماده بنجامین فراکلین . #dog #goldenstatewarriors

I rewatched all 3 Balto movies today annnnddd now I wanna spend my day drawing dogs. #furryart #furryartwork #furryartist #furryfandom #furry #furries #dog #animal #art #drawing

E as novidades não param de chegar por aqui 😍 não deixem de conferir todos os looks e também os mais variados tamanhos aqui no @patinhaseciapetshop 💙 #petshop #patinhasecia #boavistashopping #petstagram #look #dog

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