If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense

#Tbt #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure Gotta do this again. My Kiddos are growing so much #7years gone so fast❤️

When I first watched Coco I instantly fell in love with this movie that represents my culture so beautifully! It pulled on all my heart strings and Mamá Coco reminded me of my Nani 👵🏻 After my Nani passed away this March I found myself in a depression that I’m still struggling with. This is the first passing that REALLY broke my heart into a million and one pieces. I knew I couldn’t listen to this soundtrack, let alone watch the movie anymore but I finally rewatched it and I’m glad I did. I smiled more than I cried. I like to believe that my Nani, even with her Alzheimer’s, remembered me until the end ♥️ Know that I’m with you The only way that I can be Until you’re in my arms again Remember me 👵🏻👧🏻

Sorry it's been forever since the lamppost ♡ 🙈🙉🙊been spending time to fill order! More pictures to come! Etsy.com/shop/modestra

The moment when you’re in the lobby working on a project for your client and your old boss stops by to say hi. #meimagic #wdwradio #disneyland #disneycaliforniaadventure #pixarpier #pixarfest #producer #editor #videographer #editing #production #creativity #onlocation

I told you guys I’m making more frequent trips, and I’m keeping my word!! #disneyland #disneycaliforniaadventure #pixarpier #incredicoaster

What do you do when it’s 100 degrees at @disneyland and you’re craving that Pixar Pier Parfait??? You dive in...just like this Duck! What do you do in the parks to keep yourself cool?🔥🦆❄️