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Here are all four minis I painted with this metallic gold. A wonderful new collector has asked that I add some aqua blue to this palette for a piece for her space. Can’t wait to do that as soon as I get back in the studio. You all know my love affair with blue! Thank you, Tanya!! Peace and love to you all💙🙏🏼✨xoxo • Message me if you want to own an original piece of art or say it in the comments! • 👉🏼For more like this, follow me @jayceeoliverart and tag a friend! . . . . . #visionaryart #intuitiveart #abstraction #abstractart #abstractartist #abstractpaintin g #acrylicpaintings #abstractexpressionism #expressionism #expressionist #markmaking #mixedmediaart #contemporaryartist #abstracto #gallerist #corporateart #artistatwork #intuitivepainting #flaming_abstracts #abstractobsession #acrylicart #artcollections #contemporaryartcollector #artmafia #worksonpaper #abstracters_anonymous #abstractlandscape #abstractlandscapes #todaysartreport #expressiveart

My exhibition at ziferblat is officially down!

Here’s a fun edge to add some color to your Monday. (Some places got a little thin on this one, but we’ll forgive it for the color and cells it has)

If you follow me and these pics look different from the ones I posted few hours hours ago then you are right! I had a chance to use my Canon Rebel T3i and the pics are so much more vibrant than my android. I love the camera on my phone but it just doesn't compare. This painting had her photoshoot and will be available later today. $191 includes lots of details, sig on the back, sides completed with lots of color and a portion of the painting will go towards helping the endangered Grasshopper Sparrow. A small bird native to North America who's name comes from its grasshopper like song. Together we can make a difference.

Painting this wall deep teal is one of the best decisions I’ve made. 🤷‍♀️

Ridiculously pumped to announce that I am now being represented by AVA Gallery in Davidson, NC. A number of my pieces will be available at their beautiful downtown space starting this Friday, July 20th. Thank you, Aimee and AVA for the warm welcome(and the kombucha)...it already feels like home to me! 🙏@avagallerync • • • • • #avagallery #ncgallery #localart #davidsonnc #davidsoncollege #ncartist #cltartist #cltart #lakenorman #southernartist #resinart #ncart #fluidsoul #artcollector #resinartist #abmlifeiscolorful #cltinteriors #colorcrushcreative #northcarolinaartist #artistsofinstagram #ihavethisthingwithcolor #creativelife #dsart #artforthehome #abstractobsession #artdiaries #creativeprocess #artcollective #contemporarypainting #modernhomedecor

Here’s a little piece of my painting “Evolution from Decay.” The painting deals with the inner turmoil of depression and anxiety and how there needs to be decay for there to be fresh growth. It’s all why I love plants and flowers as metaphors for what goes on inside my mind. It has beautiful moments and moments of decay and dread. And then more beautiful moments come from it. Always cycling.

It’s rough and ruthless, but criticism saves you time. People aren’t trying to be mean. They’re just trying to keep you from banging your head into the same wall. Scientists can’t continue publishing the same paper over and over again. Apple can’t just release another iPhone without drastic improvements. As they say, sameness destroys creativity. Instead of giving up, what critical advice does is redirect you. Writes Tom Standage in Writing on the Wall: “Adam Smith. He wrote much of his book in the British Coffee House, his base and postal address in London and a popular meeting place for Scottish intellectuals, among whom he circulated chapters of his book for criticism and comment.” In search of a little audience, you get the feedback you need to keep iterating until we get it right. Naturally, the process is frustrating for all artists. Writes Fred Kaplan on John Coltrane’s experimental determination. In a backstage interview with Coltrane during intermission at the Stockholm concert, a local jazz DJ noted that some critics were finding his new sound “unbeautiful” and “angry,” then asked, “Do you feel angry?” Coltrane replied, in a gentle, deliberative tone, “No, I don’t,” adding, “The reason I play so many sounds, maybe it sounds angry, it’s because I’m trying so many things at one time, you see? I haven’t sorted them out. I have a whole bag of things that I’m trying to work through and get the one essential.” The fear of messing up is good quality control. The feedback loop is a critical ingredient to success. Otherwise, you may just be making something that never sticks. — Link: http://wellsbaum.blog/2018/07/11/a-little-more-audience-a-little-more-action/