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Существует много подходов к тестированию... В данном кейсе я использую сплит тестирование. Вчера проводил А/Б тест , но заметил что он не корректен. Трафик, в данном случае кот, никак не хотел выбрать один из двух вариантов. Сегодня же увеличив число вариантов, я достиг успеха! Вывод: Тестируйте много, тестируйте много разных вариантов. 😂 #яумамыаналитик #аналитика #analytics #bigdata #bigdataanalytics #маркетингдома #яндексметрика #тестировщик

The 8 V’s of Big Data

I am a self-professed data nerd with an English degree (George Mason University). I’ve spent much of my career at the intersection of information, technology, and learning. I am an editor, writer, product manager, and technical trainer by experience. I am a student and practitioner of life-long learning. I preach, teach, and believe in iterative learning, “piecing it together off the back of sugar packets” as Homer J. Simpson might say. Whether it’s music, language, photography, technology the reason I love these things is because they offer endless learning opportunities, as well as endless opportunities to apply and enjoy that learning. I believe the data revolution we at QueBIT and our clients are a part of will continue to manifest itself in ways so important and compelling to business, humankind, and the planet, it’s a thrill to work, learn, and wonder in this space. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to share that learning and those skills with our clients and partners. Certifications: IBM Certified Specialist – Cognos TM1 Data Analysis; CTT+ Technical Trainer – CompTIA; Professional Facilitator – Friesen, Kaye, and Associates; Market Driven Product Management – Pragmatic Marketing

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Here’s a handy cheat sheet for common Pandas and R operations:

We have successfully completed our Series B financing, totaling more than $7.7 million. Private equity firm Falcon Capital led the Series B financing round. - We will use the proceeds to advance our objective of transforming the music industry through the development of technology and application of Big Data. This successful funding round will allow us to continue on this trajectory, enhancing our technology platform and global infrastructure, which is already connected to many of the world’s leading music and entertainment companies. We will also increase the size of our engineering team, invest in user growth and continue to expand into new international markets, particularly in Asia. - “TuneGO, a next-generation music platform, will continue to innovate, connecting artists to the music industry with unprecedented access. We are always challenging the norms, and innovating products to usher in a new era in many categories, including rights management, royalty transparency for artists and how artists securely store and share their music with the world,” said John Kohl, co-founder and CEO, TuneGO. “Our distribution platform is unlike anything else offered today and will be the most artist-friendly distribution model ever offered to the marketplace.” - - Click the link in our bio to read our press coverage! Our news is under the 4th link.

Nine years ago, when Deanna Needell was in grad school at UC Davis, she was beset by stomach pain after a bull’s-eye rash swelled around a bug bite—a telltale sign of Lyme disease. “Because I live in California, where Lyme is less common, none of the doctors I saw early on even mentioned it,” she says. The lapse was costly: Needell developed migraines so impervious to medication that she often wound up in the ER….A friend finally floated the possibility of Lyme, and Needell got tested. After a diagnosis and intermittent courses of antibiotics, most of her symptoms have abated. Now a mathematician @ucla with a Ph.D., Needell, 37, is seeking answers in big data. Since receiving a National Science Foundation grant in 2017, she and her colleagues have come up with new ways to comb through’s registry [MyLymeData], which houses more than two million data points from 9,000 patient surveys. READ MORE (link in Bio) #lymedisease #lymediseaseawareness #lymediseaseawarenessmonth #bigdata #bigdataanalytics #21stcenturycures #fastercures #voguemagazine Photo credit 📷@arthurelgort Written by Ginny Graves @voguemagazine

Managing Data Traceability: Impact and Benefits #BIGDATA #BigDataAnalytics #DATATRACEBILITY