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The 3rd Annual Quinn Stevenson Memorial Redwing Hockey Day was the best ever. I honestly don’t know how to thank Ej E.J. Babey, Vance Jones, Angela Angela Lewis Moir/Rod, Sandra Bernauer/Keith, Cathy Kozak, Linda Kappel, Troy Carbno and everyone else who stepped up to help during the day. It was honestly the best feel good day imaginable and I just know Quinn was shining down on us with all that great sunshine. I could not be more proud of the 4 women’s teams that played ball hockey and especially Wild Wings mom’s thanks for just always being there for me. To my boys on my hockey team that took on Craig and his midget II team, we rocked after the first period and a half. I honestly could not have had more fun than I did as my first time as a coach on the bench, even though you guys didn’t listen to me. I laughed so hard and had so much fun. Thanks so everyone who gave me a day of smiles and hugs, I love you all. To the Redwings thanks for giving our family this day to remember Quinn here are just a few pictures. We will be posting a link to all of the pictures and to a financial statement from the day. Thanks to all! More pictures on Facebook. #prayforquinn #loveourfriends #redwings